Tipper Bodies September

With the weather gradually improving in Victoria, our tipper body numbers have increased substantially in September. We delivered a large number of tipper bodies for both new trucks and converted trucks.

For each project, we go through a consultation process with the client, getting to know the work they do, how they do it, and where they typically work. Based on this information, we recommend the best way to build the tipper body for their unique requirements.

This month we produced a range of tipper bodies with front mount hoists, under mount hoists and conventional in well hoists fitted. All our work is completed in house, including fitting the hydraulic systems. The hydraulic componentry is sourced from the highest quality suppliers in Europe, meaning we can confidently provide a 2 year warranty on all air and hydraulic system components.

Our clients can also choose from a large number of special features including wheel base extensions, trailer coupling (Rockinger, Ringfeeder, V.Orlandi), custom wind out tarps, tie down rails, two way swinging tail gates, Bartlett ball or air operated pintle, finish in any colour of your choice and many other features.

Check out some of the finished jobs below, or click the button to learn more about our tipper bodies.