Beavertail trays August

In August we delivered several beavertail trays to clients across Victoria and Australia.

All of our beavertail trays are built to a heavy duty spec. We use a heavy duty sub frame with 350mm centred cross bearers, giving the 5mm chequer plate floor exceptional support. This extends the lifetime of both the chequer plate floor and the entire tray body as well as allowing clients to load the tray with additional weight.

This month, all of the trays delivered had hydraulic ramps fitted. Our hydraulic ramps are made in house and have a 11 tonne rating, meaning they are able to withstand more weight than the truck would ever be able to legally carry. We also fitted dedicated ramp power packs, allowing the client to operate the ramps without having to keep the truck running.

All of the beavertail trays delivered this month had LED clearance lights fitted to Australian ADRs.

Check out the gallery below for some of the completed jobs from this month. If you would like to find out more about our beavertail trays or truck trays generally, click the button below or get in touch any time via phone, email or social media.